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  • 10 Daily Struggles of Being a Writer


    1.  The Constant Interruptions of Reality  As we all know, reality waits for no one, whether it’s school, work, friends, family matters, exercise, travel, etc. This is what makes writing, or the perseverance of any passion, so grueling. Personally, I envision reality as a gigantic, green, hairy monster leaning against my door, waiting to bust […]

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  • F–k You


    I used to be a slave to the noise. I would let the chatter of external input taint my white canvas. Then, I woke up. This is my canvas. I’m the painter. Everyone else is just a spectator. The colors I sweep across the sheet are to my discretion. And I will no longer question […]

  • Original Series: "Nineteen, Twenties…"
  • The Intervention


      I hate confrontation, I really do, especially when it involves bringing a friend to their senses. When I get into these predicaments though, I remind myself that it is for their greater good, and if it were not for my kindness and concern, they would forever be left in the dark. These are the […]

  • Original Series: "Nineteen, Twenties…"
  • Voicemail to Mom


      At twenty years old, I imagined myself a famous writer who would have to drop out of college as a result of the insane success of my book. I would be traveling the nation for my tour and then eventually get a call from Paramount Pictures requesting my blessing to transform the book into […]

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  • First Chilean Experience In a Nutshell


    My Chilean Experience In a Nutshell Well, after doing a 4 month exchange in Ecuador, I have finally started my backpacking experience with one of my best friends, Amy (who else). The following is a description of my first Chilean experience in a nutshell. My Hair Catastrophe We said goodbye to our Ecuadorian families, went […]

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  • I’m Going To Jump


    I was so stressed out. The night before my despedida (goodbye party) that my family planned for me, I was balling my eyes out. My sister had told me that I missed the deadline to submit my FAFSA application. FAFSA stands for The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, a form that is filled out annually […]

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  • Fuerza Ecuador: First Day of Volunteering Down!


    I am in a study abroad program called the Undergraduate International Partnership for Service Learning (IPSL), which engages students in both a cross cultural education and community service. Since the beginning of my program, I have been volunteering at La Fundación de Padre Damien. As aforementioned in my previous posts, Padre Damien is a nonprofit organization […]

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  • Dealing With The Devastation of Ecuador’s Strongest Earthquake


    I have this trait from my dad where I make almost everything into a joke. Like him, it’s how I cope with many experiences, especially the unfortunate ones. I recently made a post where I described my experience with the earthquake that happened here in Ecuador, on Saturday, 4/16/16. I drew a cartoon, illustrating how […]

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  • The Flower Shop Boy


    Every day after I leave the foundation to get to school, I wait for the bus. It only costs 35 cents here, so I do not mind spending the money. By the bus stop, there are flower vendors along the street. Each cart is filled with flowers of every kind. For weeks, I would just […]

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  • I Thought I Had a Parasite!


    The thing about having a blog is, sometimes, I’m in a funky mood when I write. It’s late at night right now and honestly, I don’t feel like writing some dainty, charming post with an insightful message behind it. Instead, I’m going to vent about my health crisis while simultaneously sharing some interesting moments I […]