Episode 9: Death and Taxes

I partied day after day. I explored every club and music venue I could, constantly surrounding myself with friends, strangers, and alcohol. I went to brunches, live jam sessions, happy hours, and house parties, seeking any event I could find to avoid being alone and facing my thoughts saturated with the inescapable, potent illusions of […]

Episode 8: Midnight Mischief

Eventually, the crowd was warned about the last song and soon after, the band dismissed themselves. The crowd followed, dissipating in different directions. At this point, the sky has darkened, relishing in its rich, indigo, obscurity. The boardwalk is still lit, however, like the rest of the restless city, as lights outline the perimeter of […]


I met this girl once who claimed to have never been homesick. Well, she made an exception for this one terrible experience she had at a sleep-away camp sponsored by her church when she was 11 years old. Even then, she clarified that she didn’t particularly long for her family; just the comfort and privacy […]

Behind The Dance: Hiatus (Waiting)

I don’t consider myself  to be a sexy girl. I normally do not command attention when I walk down the street. I don’t take mesmerizing selfies. I act extremely awkward if I am attracted to someone and sustaining eye contact with them becomes an active, conscious effort. The majority of my days, I do not […]

Episode 7: Periodico de Ayer

The sounds of screeching, threats, and the constant bleeping of curse words surge through my precious, pristine ear canals, awakening me from my slumber. Come to find out, its my friend Spirit watching Love & Hip Hop, a reality show that documents the journey of several hip hop artists trying to make it to stardom while maintaining […]

Episode 6: Ms. “Amsterdam”

I flip on the light switch with a quickness. Both Sonny and his friend squirm like two, guilty larva exposed to the sunlight for the first time. “I’m sorry,” I laugh sarcastically, “am I interrupting?” Sonny’s eyes widen to the size of two, brown, golf balls once he realizes that its me. “Oh shit.” he mumbles. “Yeah, […]

Episode 5: Hello, New York!

I endured the eternal tedium of my town for five weeks before one morning, I impulsively booked a train straight to New York City. I figured I’d utilize my six hundred dollars of graduation money graciously granted to me by benevolent family members, as means to contribute to my happiness. That’s what graduation money is for […]

Episode 4: Windows

Some days, I can laugh off my situation about moving back in with my mother, enduring an ambiguous relationship with my boyfriend, not having a social life, or even a concrete plan of how I’m going to leave this small town, find a job, and support myself. Usually I can go for a run, search for […]

Episode 3: What Do You Want From Me?

Lately, I can never go to the kitchen to merely get some crackers from the pantry or even get through one conversation on the phone with my mother without encountering the question of whether I browsed the USAjobs website for the day. “Have you looked on USAJobs today, Xia?” She asks me daily, either from the kitchen table, from her […]