Growing Pains

It took me until 6pm to finally force myself out of the basement of my sister’s house…six attempts to be exact. I spent the day sobbing with the comfortless accompaniment of her sulking dog, Buddy. He gets depressed while she’s at work all day so he copes by engulfing himself in her scented sheets. Rather than spend […]

I Am Other

In March, I attended the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) at the University of Minnesota for the 5th Annual Diversity Abroad Conference. Fortunately, I was nominated for my diligent volunteer service during my semester abroad in Ecuador. Being that I am a am a college senior with no job whilst trying to configure a plan […]

10 Daily Struggles of Being a Writer

“A life of action is much easier to me than writing. I have greater facility for action, than for writing. Writing is something you can never do as well as it can be done. It is a perpetual challenge and it is more difficult than anything else I have ever done–so I do it.” The […]

Valentine’s Day Performance at Damien House

For Valentine’s Day we had a celebration at Padre Damien, the place in which I volunteer. Sister Annie, the wonderful woman who runs the foundation, found out that I was a dancer and suggested that I perform for the patients. At the time, which was two weeks before the scheduled date, I was so excited […]

Somethin’ About Harlem

My best friend and I spent the day in Harlem, walking up Amsterdam Ave, and in a matter of a couple of hours, these are some of the things we came across: Stairs I love the architecture in Harlem. The apartments are very distinct here, and I feel like you can definitely tell a Harlem […]